Distinct Nutrition can be tailored to anybody who is ready for change.

Food is a big part of most people’s lives, so we work with you to create a nutrition strategy that is unique to you and your goals. We understand that no individual is the same, our coaching therefore focuses on your journey and will be structured to your needs.

Food is so much more than just fuel, it’s important to look at both physical and mental health and give you the education and power to change and become the best version of yourself.

We use evidence based research put into practical recommendations that fit into your every day life. Meaning you can continue with the lifestyle change long after your time with Distinct Nutrition.

What's Included?

- Analysis of current lifestyle, nutrition and exercise. You will receive a few questionnaires to complete, giving me a greater insight into your current lifestyle and your goals. We will then arrange a 30 min consultation at Distinct Performance or online if needed.

- Personalised nutrition strategy. You work 1:1 with a nutrition coach to achieve your personal goals.

- Weekly check ins + monthly consultations. Weekly check ins will include you sending photos of yourself, and a break down of your week. Monthly consultations can be done over the phone or in person (depending on location)

- Unlimited email/social media messenger for help and support

What's Not Included?

- This does not include a set meal plan, unrealistic expectations, or strict and rigid rules.

Who is it For?

Distinct Nutrition is for anyone that wants a high level of accountability, regular check-ins and a more personalised nutrition strategy. Whether that is to work on behaviour change and habits for weight loss or to improve performance to compete in sport.

Our Coaching is tailored to whatever your goal may be:

- Fat Loss

- Weight Maintenance

- Performance

- Muscle Growth

We work with athletes and the general public wanting to unlock their full potential, to take their health and performance to another level.

What We Expect From You?

- Weekly photos

- Allow access to your My Fitness Pal (If applicable)

- Monthly measurements

- Honesty

- Commitment



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